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BMA Application FAQ

Brett Manning Associate Program

1.What is the Brett Manning Associate Program?
The BMA Program is an intensive educational program that trains, equips, and certifies singers and vocal coaches to teach the Brett Manning Vocal Method. It is a tuition based program that can be completed at your own pace.
The two kinds of Brett Manning Certified coaches are defined below:
Brett Manning Master Associate (BMMA): A Brett Manning certified coach who teaches at Brett Manning Studios and trains other coaches enrolled in the BMA Program. These are a select group of individuals handpicked and personally trained by Brett. Becoming a BMMA is on an invitation only basis.
Brett Manning Associate (BMA): A Brett Manning certified coach who has successfully completed the BMA Program and is actively teaching the Brett Manning Method.
2.What is the process to become a BMA?
BELOW YOU WILL FIND THE BMA COURSE CATALOGUE EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 2009 – PRESENT. Note: This program is designed to cater to singers and vocal coaches all over the world. There are no geographical stipulations!
DID YOU KNOW? We have BMA coaches all over the world – You can find BMAs in places like Australia, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, England, and Italy!
STAGE 1: Application
It is highly recommended that you complete Brett Manning’s Singing Success before applying for BMA Program admittance!

Anyone interested in applying for admittance into the BMA Program must submit the following: (Please note: Incomplete applications will not be accepted)

A video recording of applicant singing 3 songs of contrasting styles. These may be sung acapella, with a backing track, or live instrument. This MUST be a live video recording – no artificial enhancements or vocal correction is allowed. Submission of this video recording may be in the form of a DVD mailed to BMS or posted on the Internet via YouTube.

BMA Program Application download
$100 ($300 International) non-refundable application fee
Applicant must pass Stage 1 before being eligible for Stage 2.

STAGE 2: Interview
Applicant must pass a 30 minute interview with Brett Manning to be accepted into the BMA Program. This may be in person or over the Internet via Skype.
Applicant must be prepared to sing 3 songs of contrasting styles during interview (Stage 1 application songs may be used again in Stage 2)
Interviews done over Skype must be with a camera. Phone interviews and Skype interviews with no camera will not be allowed.
STAGE 3: Curriculum
Once accepted into the BMA Program, the trainee will be responsible for completing the following requirements. (If trainee has fulfilled any requirements prior to admittance, it is possible that these hours may be counted. An adjustment may also be made in the trainee’s tuition balance as well. This will be determined on a case by case basis.)
  1. 75 hours of observation at Brett Manning Studios – every hour must be completed in person. No exceptions! (At least 25 hours must be with Brett)
  2. 15 hours of voice lessons with a Brett Manning Master Associate - 5 hours with each current BMMA. A portion of these sessions may be completed over Skype, but at least 1 hour with each BMMA must be in person.
  3. 10 hours of voice lessons with Brett Manning – all in person
  4. 15 hours (minimum) of student teaching – all in person
  5. 30 sessions of Singing Success Online observation – to be completed on your own time
  6. “The Art of Coaching” – A series of ten one hour classes taught by Brett and our BMMA coaches.

Trainee will teach 3 different students with BMMA coaches observing 1 hour each – maximum 3 total hours of teaching. BMS will provide all students.

The BMMA coach will provide feedback after each session and make specific recommendations to the trainee. In the rare instance that the trainee is not prepared to continue, BMS may recommend putting certification on hold and require additional hours of study before resuming BMA training. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
STAGE 4: Final Evaluation
After all criteria and requirements have been met, trainee will be eligible for his/her final evaluation. This review will be the final determinant of trainee’s ability to successfully teach the Brett Manning Vocal Method.
Trainee will teach four, 1-hour sessions, and each BMS coach will observe at least 1 hour.
After the final review is complete, if the panel of coaches unanimously agrees, trainee will be granted BMA certification by Brett Manning Studios!
3.How Much Does the BMA Program Cost?
TOTAL COST - $15,000 (if payment plan option is selected)
  1. 1 Payment of $14,500 (Pay in full upfront and receive a discount!)
  2. 2 Payments of $7,500 (plus $40 convenience fee per payment)
  3. 4 Payments of $3,750 (plus $40 convenience fee per payment)
What does this include?
Total cost includes all lessons, observations, classes, and evaluations. Once tuition payments are made, there is no additional cost to complete the BMA Program unless an individual wishes to purchase additional sessions from Brett or a BMMA (which many people do!)
4.What happens after I become a BMA?
You are authorized to teach the Brett Manning Vocal Method!
You will receive a certificate announcing you successful completion of the BMA Program.
You may advertise your BMA affiliation in all marketing and promotion of your studio.
You will be listed on with the rest of our BMA coaches around the world.
BMS will refer students from your area to you whenever possible while you are actively teaching as a certified BMA in good standing. There are no guarantees on the volume we can refer to you, as this will always depend on demand.
  1. You will owe BMS 100% of the first lesson fee for any student BMS has referred to you. BMS will hold your credit card on file and charge you directly after each applicable lesson once you notify the BMS Booking Coordinator.
  2. It is your responsibility to communicate with the BMS Booking Coordinator and follow up on referrals that book with you; however, BMS will verify all referrals. Failure to pay this referral fee to BMS is grounds for losing your certification.
5.What are the privileges of becoming a BMA?
After passing the BMA Program, you have earned the right to go out and teach the world renowned Brett Manning Vocal Method to singers.
You may use the BMS logo, as well as Brett Manning’s name and image for your own promotional materials.
You will receive access to the BMA Online Forum “BMA Worldwide” where you can network with other BMAs.
You will receive discounts on Singing Success products!
6.Can I ever lose my BMA affiliation with Brett Manning Studios?
While it is extremely unlikely that Brett Manning Studios would ever revoke a BMA certification, we do reserve the right to do so if there were an issue of compromised integrity or character. This includes business practices, as well as personal reputation and standing in the community. In this case, you would no longer be permitted to use the Brett Manning name, logo(s), likeness, or title of Brett Manning Associate.
7.Are there any “Continuing Education Requirements?”
In an effort to continue the learning process and stay current with the Brett Manning Vocal Method, all BMAs are required to take at least 1 lesson with Brett and 1 lesson with a BMMA each calendar year they are actively teaching. Once those lessons are completed each year, BMS will continue sending you referrals - but not until then.

If you have additional questions about the BMA Program, click here

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